Pay-for-print price increase – July 14

Effective July 14, 2006, the cost for black-and-white laser printing and photocopies will increase from $.07 to $.10 per page. This price change is being implemented at all pay-for-print stations at Miami University. The price for the library’s color photocopier remains $.25 per page.

Here’s a money-saving tip: Many of the research databases available in the library (or from your home/office computer) will allow you to email search results to yourself for printing elsewhere. So if you would rather print an article at home, simply send it via email to your account, access that email message from home, and print your article.

In addition, a flatbed scanner is available in the library for those users interested in scanning an article or book chapter from our print collection. Much like above, this process will allow you to create an electronic copy of the document and email it to yourself for printing elsewhere.

If you would like assistance with any of the above, please visit us at the reference desk.

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