Don’t forget your Miami ID

Miami ID

Why do I need my Miami ID?

  1. To checkout books and other library materials. Students, faculty, and staff at Miami University who wish to checkout materials from the library must present his or her Miami ID card at time of checkout. Presenting your ID card allows the library to identify you and your library account. It also serves as a security measure by preventing other people from checking out materials on your account.
  2. To pay for your laser printing. If you are planning to print a paper you typed, an article you downloaded, or anything else, you can add funds to your ID card and use it to pay for your printing. The cost for black and white copies is $0.10 per page. A color laser printer is available in the Moser 304 computer lab at a cost of
  3. You can also use the card to pay for photocopies

Don’t have a Miami ID card? Visit the Business Services office in 100 Mosler to obtain a Miami ID card.

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