Textbooks on Reserve program

Beginning Spring Semester 2007, Rentschler Library plans to purchase and place on library reserve textbooks for 17 Miami Plan or other introductory courses offered at MUH.  Our goal is to assist students who are unable to afford the texts or whose financial aid situation prevents them from making the purchases till several weeks into the semester.  We are also giving all students an opportunity to make use of their required texts while on campus.  This pilot project is intended to make these materials for learning as widely available as possible, which is certainly a part of the library’s mission.

For each course, a single copy of the textbook will be placed on two-hour closed reserve, meaning it cannot be taken out of the library and is loaned for two-hour blocks of time.  This is a pilot project, and we plan to assess use of this current group of books at the end of the semester to guide us in making future selections and usage guidelines.Courses and textbooks were selected based on the following criteria:

  • The nature of the course (in terms of its status as a Miami Plan or introductory course)
  • Significant projected student enrollment as determined by the number of sections offered during Second Semester and maximum enrollment limits in each section
  • Use of a single textbook for all or most sections offered for the course
  • Nature of the texts (only required texts will be purchased; no study guides, lab manuals, workbooks or other related materials included)
  • Publication of a new edition of the text is not immediately pending
A list of courses and textbooks will be accessible from the Rentschler Library website at the start of the semester.

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