Monthly Archives: November 2007

OhioLINK Chat with a Librarian Service to End

It was recently announced that OhioLINK’s Chat with a Librarian service will cease operations after Dec. 21. See the announcement here.

Not to worry, though. You can still get help from one of Rentschler Library’s helpful staff by just going to our chat service website and using one of the three services, Yahoo, AOL or MSN. If you don’t have those chat programs loaded on your computer, you can also use the Internet versions of all three. Nothing needs to be downloaded, but you must still have an account with one of the three providers.

If you need help finding information when Rentschler Library is closed, you can try the KnowitNow online reference help service, operated by public librarians from all over Ohio.

Library Policies on Unattended Children & User Behavior

Rentschler Library has implemented two new policies on unattended children and user behavior. Access the PDF files with the links provided. They can also be found on our library website under “Policies.”