25 Random Things

As the “25 Random Things” craze continues to swarm the nation, we thought it would be fun to tag Rentschler Library and see what IT had to say about itself.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the latest chain trend, you can read Douglas Quenqua’s NY Times article, “Ah, Yes, More About Me…”, or John Timpane’s article, “Facebook List:  Narcissism or a Social Shift”.  For everyone else, here are Rentschler Library’s “25 Random Things”!

1.       I love being used, but I don’t have low self-esteem!

2.       I wanted to be on the Amazing Race, but none of the other MU libraries wanted to partner with me.

3.       I get really lonely at night when everyone leaves.

4.       Sometimes I wish I had a first name…

5.       My favorite song is “I am a Rock” by Simon & Garfunkel.

6.       I’m singing it right now (“I have my booooks, and my po-et-ree to protect me”)

7.       My favorite movie was “The Librarian”, but I don’t like Noah Wyle.

8.       Actually, I didn’t like the movie much, either.

9.       I’m REALLY afraid of fire.

10.   I used to have a crush on Barnes & Noble, but then I met Half Price Books.

11.   Confession:  I once shelved my own book.

12.   I want a Wii Fit for my birthday.

13.   I voted for David during last year’s American Idol.

14.   I love watching the sunrise filter through the tree branches every morning.

15.   I get a little creeped out reading everyone else’s 25 Random Things…

16.   I wish I had more fans on Facebook (ah hem, hint!)

17.   Johannes Gutenberg is my father.  Not Darth Vader (like I told everyone in elementary school).

18.   I would love to run a marathon someday, but I’ve never even walked anywhere.

19.   No one asked me to prom.  Sigh.

20.   I love it when people visit me! I can throw a rockin’ study session…

21.   Sometimes I IM the librarians, just to make them find answers for me.  For no real reason.

22.   I’ve never watched “The Bachelor”.

23.   I think it’s funny to scare people when they fall asleep while they’re visiting me.

24.   I have a HUGE collection of books, but the staff that work here are my FAV (they’re soooo nice!)

25.   When it comes to information, well, I’m full of it.



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