Got Juice?

New Electrical OutletsSick of having your laptop run out of juice before you’re ready to call it quits?  Rentschler Library felt your pain and has added many, MANY electrical outlets so that you can stay connected for as long as it takes to type that paper, upload those vacation pictures, and download those research articles. 

We now have electrical outlets on both sides of all of the center posts, so you and your friends can ALL plug in while you work on group projects.  Working solo?  The individual study carrels are each getting plug-ins installed.  Pretty soon, we’ll even be adding more outlets to the Popular Reading Collection area, where you can soak up the sun, kick up your feet, listen to your MP3 player, AND get a monster load of work done on your laptop!

So, do ya need juice?  Rentschler has you covered.  Stop by and check it out…who knew electrical outlets could be so exciting?!

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