Pirates? In 2009? Want to learn more?


As this week’s news has demonstrated, pirates are not just a thing of the past (or a thing of the cinema). In fact, you may be surprised by just how common modern piracy is. TheInternational Chamber of Commerce maintains a “Live Piracy Map” that uses Google Maps to show you little pointers of where all confirmed attacks, attempted attacks, and suspicious vessels have been reported.  In addition to keeping an archive of live piracy maps back to 2005, it also tracks “Piracy Alerts” and “Piracy Prone Areas and Warnings”.

Have we got your interest? We’ve even got a book, “Pirates:  A History“, available for checkout here from Rentschler library.  Or, learn more about early American encounters with pirates in “The First Americans in North Africa:  William Eaton’s Struggle for a Vigorous Policy Against the Barbary Pirates” If someone beats you to them, don’t just say “Arygh”.  Ask a librarian about finding other books on piracy from Miami University libraries. 

*Image copied from mydearDelilah on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mydeardelilah/3308642186/

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