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Public libraries facing possible funding cuts

A proposed budget by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland would cut 227.3 million dollars for public libraries in the state. See the full story from the American Library Association’s magazine, American Libraries.

Ohio is unique in that that many of the library systems rely heavily on state funding for operating costs, instead of local tax levies. The Lane Public Library gets 95% of its funding from the state, and the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County derives 86% of its budget from state funding.

Nothing has been finalized, and local supporters have been flooding their legislators with emails regarding the proposed cuts. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is going to try and put a tax levy on the ballot this November. Stay tuned!

Here are some links about library funding, and the tough times that library organizations are facing:

Ohio Public Library Funding History (PDF) – from the Ohio Library Council.

Unlike Public Libraries, OhioLINK faces smaller budget cuts – from Library Journal.

OCLC launching library support campaign – from Columbus Business First

Save Ohio Libraries

Why we’re so obsessed with celebrities…

Turn on any computer, radio, or television and you’re going to hear about last week’s string of celebrity deaths. Across the world, the music of Micheal Jackson plays on while young and old reflect on the influence he had on their lives, while the image of golden girl Farrah Fawcett graces the television screen once again. Today attention turns to Billy Mays, who may not have had quite the influence of Jackson or Fawcett, but who will always be remembered for getting things “Oxiclean”.

How has the role of the celebrity become such a huge part of our everyday life? Hamilton Library has some interesting books on popular culture and the media that may offer a new perspective on America’s obsession with the famous. Check out the links below to book titles, or follow the links to more information on the celebrities themselves.


More On….

Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett

Sad that “Son of Beast” is temp shut down? Don’t be!

Looks like the “Son of Beast” banged up yet another passenger, causing King’s Island to voluntarily shut the ride down until the issue is resolved. According to this Hamilton Journal News article, this isn’t the first time that there have been complaints from thrill seekers about the rough ride, nor is it the first time that someone has complained of injury. For those that love the adrenaline rush of the wooden coaster, the ride’s closure may have you putting off that King’s Island visit you were planning. What to do instead? Well, of course we’ve got some resources for you to check out that will get you outdoors and living life to the extreme this summer!

Rentschler Library has resources for you to get outdoors. You can go…

Of course, you may still want to head to King’s Island, or maybe just check out another amusement park. If so, below are some of their links to check out!

Iran’s Election Takes Center Stage

iran2Wow. Everyone from late night talkshow hosts to major media sources are talking about “Iran’s Election Crisis”, and for good reason! Questions of legitimacy and speculation about the future abound, with much attention being paid to whether the will of the Iranian people was heard through the vote, or overshadowed by election manipulation. If you’re wondering why this is so important to people throughout the world and are intrigued by the little snippets you catch on the radio, you may want to check out some of Rentschler Library’s resources on the political history of Iran.




Microsoft rolls out Bing

Internet searching just got a new player and you’ve probably heard of them:  Microsoft.    The Bing search engine made its debut Wednesday, June 3. It replaces Windows Live which met its end a while back.  Actually, Microsoft is calling Bing a “decision engine” saying that it is “aimed at helping people make buying decisions, plan trips, research health matters or find local businesses.”

One of the cool things Bing does is provide links to past searches.  Also, from your search results, you can mouse over a website description and see a pop up box of what each site contains.  That might save you time from having to click on each website and determine if it has the info you need.

Though Bing just debuted, it’s already grabbing a little bit of the search engine market.   11% of the search engine market to be exact.  You can probably guess which company’s search engine is used the most!  Look below the image for some more stories about Bing

But enough of my talking.  Click the image below and try Bing yourself.


Google executives taking hard look at ‘Bing

Microsoft Gets Search Market-Share Boost With Bing

Microsoft Uses Display, Search, and Social to Push Bing

Eye Tracking Bing vs Google:  A First Look

“Tear Down this Wall…”

For many of our students, 1989 means the year they were born. Others will recall that it’s the year the Communist block began to dismantle, making this year the 20th anniversary of Democracy’s spread into eastern Europe. What you may not know is that President Reagan’s infamous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” speech actually happened on June 12th, 1987–more than two years before the Berlin Wall came down. Whether you want to learn a little bit more about the tensions between the east and the west or if you’re curious about what happened AFTER the wall came down, Rentschler Library has the resources you need.


June 6th Marks 65th Anniversary of D-Day

This coming Saturday, June 6th, marks the 65th anniversary of the first Allied invasions of Normandy during WWII.   Rentschler Library has some fantastic resources to help you learn a little bit more about this significant time in history, whether you are a WWII scholar or just someone interested in discovering more about the remarkable strategies and sacrifices made not so long ago.