Microsoft rolls out Bing

Internet searching just got a new player and you’ve probably heard of them:  Microsoft.    The Bing search engine made its debut Wednesday, June 3. It replaces Windows Live which met its end a while back.  Actually, Microsoft is calling Bing a “decision engine” saying that it is “aimed at helping people make buying decisions, plan trips, research health matters or find local businesses.”

One of the cool things Bing does is provide links to past searches.  Also, from your search results, you can mouse over a website description and see a pop up box of what each site contains.  That might save you time from having to click on each website and determine if it has the info you need.

Though Bing just debuted, it’s already grabbing a little bit of the search engine market.   11% of the search engine market to be exact.  You can probably guess which company’s search engine is used the most!  Look below the image for some more stories about Bing

But enough of my talking.  Click the image below and try Bing yourself.


Google executives taking hard look at ‘Bing

Microsoft Gets Search Market-Share Boost With Bing

Microsoft Uses Display, Search, and Social to Push Bing

Eye Tracking Bing vs Google:  A First Look

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