Why we’re so obsessed with celebrities…

Turn on any computer, radio, or television and you’re going to hear about last week’s string of celebrity deaths. Across the world, the music of Micheal Jackson plays on while young and old reflect on the influence he had on their lives, while the image of golden girl Farrah Fawcett graces the television screen once again. Today attention turns to Billy Mays, who may not have had quite the influence of Jackson or Fawcett, but who will always be remembered for getting things “Oxiclean”.

How has the role of the celebrity become such a huge part of our everyday life? Hamilton Library has some interesting books on popular culture and the media that may offer a new perspective on America’s obsession with the famous. Check out the links below to book titles, or follow the links to more information on the celebrities themselves.


More On….

Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett

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