Can’t decide how you feel about Obama’s Health Care Plan?

obamaLast week’s Presidential Address left many Americans trying to figure out whether they are for, against, or completely apathetic about Obama’s proposed Health Care Plan.  Since then, the media has tried to keep up with the funding proposals and counterpoints to the issues, but it’s a lot to keep up with!  So, while the clock ticks and the deadline for a decision rushes closer, Rentschler Library has some resources that may shed some light on the issues. 


“National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada: Race, Territory, and the Roots of Indifference” by Gerard Boychuck (2008).

“Sick: The Untold Story of America’s Health Care Crisis–and the People who Pay the Price” by Jonathan Cohn (2007).

“One Nation Uninsured: Why the United States has no National Health Insurance”by Jill Quadango (2005).

“Uninsured in America: Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity” by Susan Starr Sered and Rushika Fernandopulle (2005).

“Health Policy: Crisis and Reform in the U.S. Health Care Delivery System” by edited by Charlene Harrington, Carroll L. Estes. ; with assistance from Cassandra Crawford (2004).

Online Resources

The White House–Health Care Reform

The Health Care Blog

Obama’s Health Care Plan: Doctors Debate Pros and Cons”

VIDEO:CNBS’s Pro-v-Con Debate

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