The best things in life are free…so why miss out?

Monopoly MoneykpfsuperTo celebrate Brad Ricca’s screening of his independent film, “Only Son” here on the Hamilton campus, Rentschler Library is featuring the stars of its illustrated collections. From cartoon strips to graphic novels, we have everything your eyes may crave. Whether you’re a die-hard comic collector, a fan of graphic novels, or a skeptic about literature with illustrations, you’ll want to see what’s waiting for you at Rentschler Library.

The display will only run from November 2nd through 13th, so don’t miss out! And, don’t forget to make it to the free screening of Brad Ricca’s “Only Son” on Thursday, November 5th at 7:00 pm in Wilks. You can view the Media Guide (pdf/388KB) for more information about the film.

Click the link to browse Rentschler’s collection of graphic novels.
View or Download the “Last Son” Media Guide

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