Need Help? Ask a Ninja! Or, Ask a Librarian!

Warning–this youtube video may have content that some find offensive and others find outrageously funny.  Our apologies to anyone offended! OK, so the college tips from “Ask a Ninja” are really just for a fun little break from studying, but if you need some REAL help–try “Ask a Librarian“!

Whether you’re trying to figure out what a scholarly article is (hey, you have to figure out WHAT it is before you figure out WHERE to find them!), how to find a variety or resources on that topic that seemed like such a great idea when you committed to it (now that you’re doubting your choice), or just wondering how you can get a book from Ohio State without driving to Columbus, we’re here to help.

You can instant message us (IM) from our library’s website or right from this page, email us your research question, or call us at 785-3235. You can also just stop by and we’ll find time to help you get what you need–just check our Hours before you drive all the way here. We really want to help!

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