Have a little bit of HOPE that you can CHANGE things–get INVOLVED!

Human Rights & Social Justice–the words can be a bit overwhelming when you think about all of the sadness in the world today. Poverty. Slavery. Abuse. Discrimination. Malnourishment. Genocide. Civil War. We see so much of this on the news & on TV that we seem to only have 2 choices–become immune to it all or just be depressed about the situation.

Well, there are more options. You can get INVOLVED and spread HOPE not just to others, but to also empower yourself. You can learn more by participating in a variety of events around campus this week–see our Human Rights & Social Justice page for a full calendar. You can even join your peers in a discussion group on Friday, November 20th at Miami Hamilton Downtown, as MU student Rachael Herrle leads a discussion on Somaly Mam’s book, The Road of Lost Innocence .


List of selected Rentschler Library Human Rights/Social Justice Titles
Somaly Mam Organization Website
STAND: Student led division of the Genocide Intervention Network

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