What do blueberries, H20, & sleep have in common?

They’re all weapons in your war against exams. If you’re expecting your brain to help you on your finals, try recriprocating the favor…

Feed it some blueberries! While any colorful fruits & vegetables are good for you, “animals treated with blueberries exhibited an 83 percent improvement on tests of memory within three weeks, and the improvement was maintained for the remainder of the 12-week study” (creators.com).  The antioxidants and vitamins may also give your whole body a boost!

Sure, many of you will turn to energy drinks while studying, but be sure that you back your Red Bull up with a nice, big glass of water. Caffeine and other stimulants can dehydrate you and you NEED that water to keep your brain happy & healthy bopping around in your head. Since your brain is about 80% water (Top 10 Back to School…”), you don’t want it shriveling up when you go to take your test.

And sleep? Sleep is hard to get when you’re worried about exams and chugging energy drinks! Try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule–even if you have to cut a few hours out–and the studying you do will be more productive.  Your brain needs some rest to funtion at its best, so help it recall all those facts you’ve been memorizing by letting it get some z’s.

Rentschler Books for Acing Finals

Effective College Learning (Holschuh & Nist 2007)
College Reading & Study Skills (McWhorter 2007)
Math Study Skills (Bass 2008)
College Success Strategies (Holschuh & Nist 2006)

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