Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…

Well, most of us may be too young to REMEMBER  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take some time to remember the impact his life–and death–had on this country. You won’t have classes this Monday, January 18th–and the library will also be closed in honor of the national holiday–but you can still take a little bit of time to learn something.

Listen to King’s passion & watch as he moves the crowds during his speeches onAmerican Rhetoric Online Speech Bank, or even on YouTube. Also online, you can explore the Voices of Civil Rights exhibition to learn more about the period.

Or, grab a book to take with you this weekend. Rentschler Library has 47 Items by or about King. We also have many books on Civil Rights in the 60’s that you may find interesting. MUH’s Multicultural Center will be hosting a variety of programs to honor Martin Luther King, Jr–check out their flyer of events for more information.

One response to “Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…

  1. It just shows that one person’s voice CAN start a movement.

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