Word to your Mother (Mother Earth, that is)…

greenThursday, April 22nd is Earth Day, making it the perfect time for everyone to learn more about having a positive impact on the environment. Whether you’re looking for a few small ways to change your habits, or wanting to make a BIG change in your carbon footprint, we’ve got the resources to help you get started. Check out what’s listed below, or ask a librarian about additional resources that will spark your interest.

Online Resources

Library Resources

One response to “Word to your Mother (Mother Earth, that is)…

  1. I know that everyday should be treated like Earth Day, but I am happy that there is a specific day to create awareness to individuals that haven’t really thought about going green. When I was creating an Earth Day Costumes Video for Awareness this last weekend, I was approached by quite a few people asking about the costumes and what I was up to. It was nice to have the opportunity to explain it was for Earth Day and even had the chance to tell them some simple things they could do each day to help for a greener planet. If we all do it, a little love can go a long way. =)

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