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Planes, Trains & Cars: Memorial Day travel

Hitting the road for Memorial Day?  You’ll be among the millions taking part in the annual pilgrimage to cookouts, family reunions, fishing trips, or visits to Grandma.  This year the American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts a 5.4% increase in travel.    That’s about 32.1 million people, up from 30 million in 2009.   If you want to avoid the traffic, maybe you’ll want to go to Florida where a 5 percent decrease in travel is expected.

Here’s some other interesting stats on Memorial Day travel:

* Spending is expected to average $809 per trip;
* Average distance traveled by Americans will be approximately 626 miles;
* Memorial Day holiday weekend airfare is expected to remain the same as the previous year at the lowest average round-trip fare of $176 per ticket;
* Car rental rates will drop to $36 per day compared to $43 a day last Memorial Day weekend;
* Hotel rates for AAA Three Diamond properties are expected to drop one percent with travelers averaging $141 per night.

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has some more info on Memorial Day.

When you’re recovering from too much bratwurst, you may want to park it in a lawn chair and do some leisure reading – check out our search feature for the library’s popular reading collection

Some other books that tie in with holiday travel:

Two Billion Cars: Driving Towards Sustainability Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009

Autophobia: Love and Hate in the Automotive Age Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008

Amtrak: the History and Politics of a National Railroad Boulder: Lynne Reiner, 1998

Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze? Vote here for FREE!

Of course, your votes won't count toward actually SELECTING the 2010 American Idol winner, but it will be fun to see who you all pick.  Ah hem...Ohio.  Even if you don't watch American Idol, you can check out the two performances at the bottom of this post to see who you WOULD pick.  Ah hem...Mamma Sox.  You'll be able to find out the "official winner" during the American Idol season finale on May 26th, but until then, you can just keep track of the local public opinion on our little poll.  Ah hem...Crystal. Oh yeah, and you'll probably want to fast-forward for about 1 1/2 minutes when you play each video, unless you have a thing for Ryan Seacrest.

Summer Spotlight–Financial Woes across the Pond.

If you’ve watched or read any news this week, you may have heard that the Euro–the European form of currency–dropped SIGNIFICANTLY in value. What’s it mean to you? According to a New York Times article, European exports may become more affordable around the world. But, if you’re not out shopping for an Italian sportscar today (if you are, please pick up an extra for your friendly librarians), you may wonder what a financial crisis in Europe can really mean to all of you home here in the U.S.A.

You may want to check out The Euro: The Politics of the New Global Economy (Marsh 2009) for some insights. Another good Rentschler Library book is Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity (Ed. Lewis, 2009), especially for learning how international trade & markets have impacted the U.S. in recent years. Curious about the European exports? Take a gander at Euromarketing: Effective Strategies for International Trade & Export (Eds. Kaynak & Ghauri, 1994).

Or, you can just go to Ferrari’s website and start picking your paint color. Note: We’ll take the Blu Medio Metallico please.

Without further adieu, it is our pleasure to present to you…SUMMER!

Whether you earned your diploma (yay!!), are taking summer off from college to make money or relax (or both), or are determined to knock out a few more credit hours by taking summer classes, you deserve to have a fantastic summer!!

How can we help? Well, we have pleasure reading galore, an amazing collection of graphic novels, and all of the resources you need to plan a quick, cool getaway.  Want to take a hike? We can tell you where to go. Don’t know what to take? Look into backpacking. Need to know how to tie a good knot for rock climbing down at the Gorge? Got ya covered.  Don’t know the difference between a tent and a hotel? Yep, we can even get you started on the basics of camping.

P.S. The photo on this page was taken right here in Ohio–it’s the Rock House at Hocking Hills. Get out there & start your summer!

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We WISH you a merry Finals Week, WISH you a merry Finals Week…

Yep! May 8th is the last day of Finals Week at MUH. After that, many of you will be darting off to enjoy sunshinety summer stuff, while others will be taking a week off & then returning to campus to slay some summer classes.

Whichever path you take, Rentschler Library will still be around to help you make this summer fantastic. We won’t be open on weekends then, but you can still stop by Mon-Thurs from 8am to 9pm and Fri from 8am to 4:30pm. You don’t have to need research help to use the library in the summer–we’ve got a huge selection of popular fiction & graphic novels to satisfy your “leisure reading” needs, and an assortment of guides on summer activities to get you starting a decent campfire, climbing nature’s rockwalls, and finding cool hiking trails closeby.

Now, get back to studying!!

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