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Google vs. China

Google Logo in English and ChineseBy now you probably all know of the explosive growth of Google;  it is THE search engine of choice, plus it offers a host of other services like email, online collaboration tools (Google Docs), instant messaging and more.  Many universities are even outsourcing their email service to Google. (Miami University is moving all student email accounts to Google’s Gmail service, by the way.)

The other reason Google has been in the news is its ongoing situation with the government of China.  Google and China sometimes have different views on the importance of unfettered access to information.  Google closed its operations in China back in March – but then in July, China renewed Google’s license to operate there

Thursday night, July 29, Google noticed it was being blocked in China but isn’t sure why.   If this is even remotely interesting to you, Google is tracking which of its services is blocked in China (or not blocked).  Interestingly, Google’s free blogging site – Blogger – as well as YouTube, have been fully blocked over the last five days (as of Friday, July 30).

If you want some insight into China and Google, Rentschler Library has some interesting books available:

China in the 21st Century: What everyone needs to know.

The State of China Atlas:  Mapping the world’s fastest growing economy

Doing business in China: how to profit in the world’s fastest growing market can click on this link to run a search of the library catalog for some books on China (fiction and non-fiction)

Some titles on Google:

Planet Google: one company’s audacious plan to organize everything we know

Googled: the end of the world as we  know it

Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain*

(*Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of Google)

Forget the News Coverage!

Anybody hear about the oil spill in the gulf? Anybody NOT hear about it? Regardless of whether you’re an environmentalist, tourist, friend of gulf fisherman, politician, disaster addict, oil tycoon, etc., there’s a lot to learn about what happened & a lot to speculate about the consequences.

So, we thought you may be interested in perusing some of Rentschler Library’s books on related topics & have compiled a tidy little list for you here. There’s a lot more where that came from, so check with a librarian if you need help finding more resources.

Rentschler Library Related Books
On Water….

On Environment & Disasters…

On Oil…

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