fREADom Means Choice…Celebrate Banned Books Week

September 25th – October 2nd  is what? That’s right…Banned Books Week. It’s a time for all of us to stand up & shout, “you can’t tell me what to read”! It’s a time when we embrace the fact that we may not agree with everything we read, we may not like everything we read and, in fact, we may even be DISGUSTED by some of the stuff we read. But it’s OUR CHOICE to read it or not…and no one should be able to take that choice away.

Stop by next Monday and spend a few minutes reading one of Renstchler’s risqué books. You’ll get a free sticker (woo hoo!), pick up some new ideas, and maybe even some inspiration.

‘Til then, try our Banned Books Week Challenge. Think you got what it takes? Challenge yourself, not books.

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