Buffalo Soldiers…More than a Great Reggae Song

While you may be familiar with the Bob Marley song, did you know that “Buffalo Soldiers” goes all the way back to 1866 & refers to the all-black regiments of the U.S. Army? The name was name given to these soldiers by the Native American Kiowa tribe & was considered a term of respect. Even though the Buffalo Soldiers were treated poorly & often received the worst military assignments, they had the lowest desertion rate compared to other soldiers. In recognition of their contributions, more than 20 Buffalo Soldiers received the highest Medal of Honor—which was the highest recorded number of any military unit.

Stop by Rentschler Library to pick up more fast facts for Black History Month, or visit Biography.com . You can also visitBuffaloSoldier.net to learn more about the Buffalo Soldiers.

2 responses to “Buffalo Soldiers…More than a Great Reggae Song

  1. Did the Buffalo Soldiers had personal affairs with native American women & had children with them?

    • Sorry for the late reply, Ms. Shy. You’ll have to read the books to find out! Check with a local library near you to find this and any other books about the Buffalo Soldiers.

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