Monthly Archives: May 2011

Rain, rain, GO AWAY! But, in the meantime…

RainHead into the library for some rain relief! We can’t make it sunny, but we can help you entertain yourself while you’re stuck indoors!

  1. Check out a Movie!

    We have classics like The Graduate, but we also have newer items like The King’s Speech & The Black Swan. Or, just browse our video collection & see if you like any…it’s free!

  2. Check out a Book!

    We regularly update our Popular Reading Collection with the latest NY Times bestsellers list we & also have some preeeetttttyyy good stuff throughout the collection.

  3. Get a hobby!

    Want to perfect your digital photography skills? Or learn how to use Photoshop from home with our online books? Itching to get out in the garden? Want to go hiking when it stops raining? You brainstorm what hobby you want to perfect & we’ll help you find the resources to make it happen.