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Red Rocker and the Demon of Screamin’

Steven TylerFor a different perspective on rock music history, it’s sometimes interesting to hear (or read) it right from the men & women who were there.   Rock autobiographies (and regular biographies) are usually pretty quick reads and deliver lots of gossip on lots of people in the music biz.    Sitting on our New Books shelves are autobiographies of the Red Rocker  (Sammy Hagar – singer for Montrose and Van Halen)  and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith).

Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock – Sammy Hagar

Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?  – Steven Tyler

We’ve got lots of other similar titles for your reading & rocking pleasure:

‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky:  Jimi Hendrix: Vood00 Child – by David Henderson

Life – Keith Richards

Moonwalk – Michael Jackson

My Appetite for Destruction: Sex & Drugs and Guns ‘n Roses – Steven Adler

The Doors – by the Doors

Get Smart About Your Identity Online (a.k.a. Don’t be A Weiner)

Why do most of you deal with the stress of juggling two part time jobs, the research & studying that accompanies 15+ credit hours, potty training your three year old, picking your seven year old up from baseball, & occasionally squeezing in a few hours of sleep? For fun? NO! To get a job? YES!!

You know you’ve been busting your a*%! and may be counting on making that solid first impression during an interview, but you may not get that chance if your “online personality” isn’t up to par w/what your dream company is after. With hundreds (& then some) of applicants for open positions, doing a little bit of background work online can save employers time (ergo $$$$) & help them decide who to actually interview. What kind of dirt will they dig up on you?

  • Google yourself. Try different variations of your name to see what pops up, then switch over to an Image search to see if any “less than suitable” pics pop up.
  • Check your Facebook settings. Make sure you’ve got some privacy built in. Then, check to see if you’ve been tagged in anything, er, unprofessional–make sure to untag yourself & ask your “friend” to remove the image. NOTE: Removing an image from online does not actually delete it from the online universe…that stuff stays around forever. Like candy corn, but not so tasty.
  • Run a Credit Check. You have a right for a free credit report every year, so don’t be afraid to get online & see if there are any lingering debts you need to address, or to see if a creditor has you mistaken w/someone else! Go to Annual Credit Report to get started.
  • Brand yourself! Intentionally creating an online presence gives you an opportunity to have YOUR desirable traits & digital resume float to the top of a potential employer’s search results. Join LinkedIn so your professional credentials (education, experience, etc) are highlighted. Use a free blogging platform (um, like this one, from!) to create a mini-website where you can feature your resume and showcase any special talents/skills/projects. Going into a visual field? Share your photography on & your videos on YouTube.

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