Get Smart About Your Identity Online (a.k.a. Don’t be A Weiner)

Why do most of you deal with the stress of juggling two part time jobs, the research & studying that accompanies 15+ credit hours, potty training your three year old, picking your seven year old up from baseball, & occasionally squeezing in a few hours of sleep? For fun? NO! To get a job? YES!!

You know you’ve been busting your a*%! and may be counting on making that solid first impression during an interview, but you may not get that chance if your “online personality” isn’t up to par w/what your dream company is after. With hundreds (& then some) of applicants for open positions, doing a little bit of background work online can save employers time (ergo $$$$) & help them decide who to actually interview. What kind of dirt will they dig up on you?

  • Google yourself. Try different variations of your name to see what pops up, then switch over to an Image search to see if any “less than suitable” pics pop up.
  • Check your Facebook settings. Make sure you’ve got some privacy built in. Then, check to see if you’ve been tagged in anything, er, unprofessional–make sure to untag yourself & ask your “friend” to remove the image. NOTE: Removing an image from online does not actually delete it from the online universe…that stuff stays around forever. Like candy corn, but not so tasty.
  • Run a Credit Check. You have a right for a free credit report every year, so don’t be afraid to get online & see if there are any lingering debts you need to address, or to see if a creditor has you mistaken w/someone else! Go to Annual Credit Report to get started.
  • Brand yourself! Intentionally creating an online presence gives you an opportunity to have YOUR desirable traits & digital resume float to the top of a potential employer’s search results. Join LinkedIn so your professional credentials (education, experience, etc) are highlighted. Use a free blogging platform (um, like this one, from!) to create a mini-website where you can feature your resume and showcase any special talents/skills/projects. Going into a visual field? Share your photography on & your videos on YouTube.

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