Ready for Finals? No?! How About Break?

The end of the semester is creeping up on us FAST! Which is good, but also kind of scary. As you all finish up final projects, cram for exams, & try to squeeze some holiday shopping in, Rentschler Library would like to remind you of a few ways we can make this part of the year less painful.

  • Get a Room! A study room, that is. Study rooms are for group use (2 or more students) so that you’ve got a place to collaborate or spread your notes out for studying. Due to popularity, groups can only borrow the room for one 2hr time-block per day. Stop by, IM, or call us to reserve a room ahead of time.
  • Shhhh…I need a QUIET space Need to concentrate? The back side of the library is our “Quiet Zone” (follow the signs)–no cell phones, no talking, & no chompin’ on carrots–so you can study, study, study! Not enough? We’ve got free earplugs up at the front counter, too.
  • Need a Break? Lounge in one of our comfy chairs, read a fashion mag or catch up on Rolling Stone,tell all your Facebook friends how much you love using our computers (ah hem), etc. You can even bring your vending machine munchies & lidded drink with you!

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