Price of Textbooks Got you DOWN?

Textbooks on Reserve

Rentschler Library has select copies of Miami Hamilton textbooks available at the circulation desk; just click “Find Textbooks” to browse which library-owned textbooks are currently available. Please note: textbooks can only be borrowed IN the library for a maximum of two hours. If you don’t find your textbook there, check the Course Reserves below to see if your professor has temporarily placed a copy of your book on reserve.

If you are not sure which textbook is required for your class, MUH Bookstore has a complete Textbooks List

Course Reserves

Rentschler Library also keeps some items that are in high demand “on reserve” for students, like additional reading required by a professor or videos that professors want you to watch during specific periods of the semester. Most of these items are limited to a 2 Hour checkout period and are not allowed to leave the library during that time, but some check out longer per the professor’s request. Click “All Rentschler Reserves” to browse everything on reserve at Rentschler.

Streaming Videos

For videos your professor has made available in streaming format, please log in to the reserve video page.

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