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Welcome to Summer! Now what?

Whether you earned your diploma (yay!!), are taking summer off from college to make money or relax (or both), or are determined to knock out a few more credit hours by taking summer classes, you deserve to have a fantastic summer!!

How can we help? Well, we have pleasure reading galore, an amazing collection of graphic novels, and all of the resources you need to plan a quick, cool getaway.  Want to take a hike? We can tell you where to go. Don’t know what to take? Look into backpacking. Need to know how to tie a good knot for rock climbing down at the Gorge? Got ya covered.  Don’t know the difference between a tent and a hotel? Yep, we can even get you started on the basics of camping.

P.S. The photo on this page was taken right here in Ohio–it’s the Rock House at Hocking Hills. Get out there & start your summer!

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