Where in the World? Good sources of country info

globeFast-moving events in the Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Venezuela and many other places means that you sometimes need some good background information on countries of the world. We’ve got you covered. There are some really good freely-available country overviews from U.S. government agencies, news websites and also in Miami University Library’s subscription databases.

U.S. State Department – (free access) Find out what the U.S. relations are with certain countries and get links to fact sheets and links to more in-depth info from the Library of Congress.

CIA World Factbook – (free access) Find information about a country, including its government, people, geography, & economy.

Country Profiles from the BBC – (free access) Instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions.

Country Studies – (free access) Online versions of books published by the U.S. Library of Congress Federal Research Division from 1988-1998. Only covers 101 countries of the world.

Europa World Plus (Miami users only) – Political and economic information for more than 250 countries and territories. Information includes regional and country profiles, information on physical and social geography, history, economy, and country and comparative statistics.

Political Handbook of the World – (Miami users only) – Information on the major aspects of each country’s government and political party system.

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