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Library is Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

The library will be closed this weekend for Labor Day. Normal hours will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd. Enjoy the long weekend!

Donate to Rentschler Library during the “MoveInMiami” Campaign

How much do you love Rentschler Library? Do you enjoy and appreciate all of the support we provide to students, faculty, staff, and the community? Then consider making a donation to the library during Miami University’s “MoveInMiami” campaign that will take place on Thursday, August 21st. Funds donated to the library will be used to provide services and activities such as our Open Houses, give-aways, and other fun events. And, Dean and Mrs. Pratt will add $10 to each new donation that’s over $5!! By clicking on the link below and then filling out the form, you can ensure that your donation will go to Rentschler Library’s fund. If you have any questions, you can contact Ellen Paxton at or (513)785-3291.

Thanks in advance for your support!

MoveInMiami logo

Aug. 8, 1974 – Richard Nixon resigns

Richard M. Nixon, by Elizabeth Drew. Part of the American Presidents Series from Times Books. “In this revelatory assessment of the only president ever forced out of office, Washington journalist Drew explains how Nixon’s troubled inner life offers the key to understanding his presidency.”

Nixonland: the Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America. – by Rick Perlstein,ew York : Scribner, 2009, c2008. “An account of the thirth-seventh presidency sets Nixon’s administration against a backdrop of the tumultuous civil rights movement while offering insight into how key events in the 1960s set the stage for today’s political divides.”

The Presidency of Richard M. Nixon, by Melvin Small. Lawrence: University of Kansas Press, 1999. “Small credits Nixon with the desegregation of Southern schools, achievements in women’s rights and following through on environmental initiatives. Devoted more to the intricacies of policy than to either the dramas of electoral politics or Nixon’s tragic character, Small’s book is engaging enough to serve as a good introduction for readers who are as interested in the Nixon presidency as they are in Nixon’s personality.” Publisher’s Weekly review, Oct. 1999.