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We’re Hiring!!!


Are you a student and looking for a job on campus? Interested in working in the library? We’re currently taking applications for Library Student Associates. For more information about the job and to apply, visit:

You can also contact us if you have questions.

Library hours for summer

cardimg (3)This summer the library will be open from 8AM – 6PM Monday thru Thursday, 8AM to 4:30 PM on Friday, and closed on Sat. and Sun.

Camel Contest Winner!!

The winner of the Camel Contest for the month of April is:
Matthew Rivera!!!
Congratulations, Matthew! Stop by the library with your ID to claim your prize.

This is the last camel contest for the semester. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Study, Play, Repeat

study, play, repeat cycle diagram

During Finals Week, we are going to have a Fun Zone in the library!! Take a break from studying to color and/or play with play-doh! The fun zone is in the computer lab in the back of the library. The door will be shut since the rest of the library will be a quiet zone, but feel free to come and go when you would like to take a study break. You can also go in there to work if you prefer a not-so-quiet study area.

Good Luck on Finals!!

“Shut Up and Dance!” Silent Dance Party!!

Crowd dancing in the streetJoin us in the library for the “Shut Up and Dance!” Silent Dance Party during study breaks at Cram Jam. Bring your own headphones (or you can check some out in the library) and dance to your favorite music while you give your brain a little study break. You can also listen to songs on our Dance Party playlist. The dance party will be announced during planned study breaks at Cram Jam. Cram Jam is sponsored by the Office of Learning Assistance.

Cram Jam Hours:
Thurs., May 7 from 6pm-10pm
Sat., May 9 from Noon-5pm
Sun., May 10 from 5pm-10pm

Photo by David McSpadden