Ferguson featured on OhioLINK’s Researcher Profiles

D.J. Ferguson Miami University HamiltonMiami Hamilton’s very own D. J. Ferguson, Associate Professor of Microbiology, was featured on  OhioLINK Research Profiles recently in a post titled “Ferguson researches cure for heart disease with OhioLINK resources.”

Ferguson does research on anaerobic organisms in the gut and how they breakdown compounds during the digestive process. His research is helping us understand how these microorganisms may contribute to heart disease.

Ferguson is one of many MUH faculty who rely on OhioLINK to stay current on research in their field. You can sign up for journal alerts, download full text scientific papers, and request monographs for delivery to the Hamilton campus within a few days. Because of the consortial pricing that OhioLINK is able to negotiate on our behalf, we also have access to resources like Web of Science, a huge index of scientific papers, and the Electronic Journal Center, which has peer-reviewed scholarly journals from publishers like Elsevier, Blackwell, and Wiley.

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