Muhammad Ali (1942-1916)

Ali1The world mourns the passing of Muhammad Ali on June 3, 2016. He was a sports icon who had a tremendous impact on society. Journalist David Remnick* said it best in this article in the New Yorker:

He “was the most fantastical American figure of his era, a self-invented character of such physical wit, political defiance, global fame, and sheer originality that no novelist you might name would dare conceive him.”

Michael Ezra’s 2009 biography “Muhammad Ali: the Making of an Icon” (above)  tries to consider Ali from all sides; a national hero and a highly-scrutinized civil rights hero to many. Reviewer Carol Rotella says that Ezra’s book “makes fresh sense of Ali as cultural icon and historical figure” and the “vast literature and mythos that surround him.”

*Remnick is the author of one of the many biographies of Ali.  His 1999 title “King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of the American Hero” is rated as “a great book written by a master storyteller, a book worthy of America’s most dynamic modern hero.” (Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, June 1999). 


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