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Wireless Access: How to Configure your Laptop or mobile device

Faculty, Staff, & Students
Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the MU-WIRELESS network. While configuring computers to use this more robust network involves some effort, the quality of the connections and the size of the bandwidth offer significantly better service than MU-Guest. For assistance, you can go to IT’s FAQ page, visit the Hamilton campus computer lab in Mosler 304, call the Oxford IT Department at 529-7900, or call the Hamilton IT Department at 785-3279.

Below are links to instructions for configuring your laptop.

If you are using a mobile device and are having issues connecting to MU-Wireless, please read this troubleshooting information for Android devices, and for Apple devices (iPod, iPad and iPhone).

Guest Access
Users who do not have a Miami account may connect to MU-GUEST wireless. Guest access remains a more limited connection with the Internet. More information on MU-GUEST wireless access available from IT Help.

wireless printing from your laptop or device

You can now print from ANY device to the printers in the library if you are using Google Chrome as your browser or using the Google Drive App. Click the links below to connect to the library printers (only needs to be done the first time you print from that device). Click the links below to setup each kind of printer on your device:

sch-lib-b&w (black and white printing, 10 cents per page)
sch-lib-color (color printing, 25 cents per page)

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access to library subscription content from off-campus

Most library subscriptions to online databases are set up so that Miami users can log in from off campus. You will need your Miami ID and password to do so. Some of our databases allow you to email article URLs to yourself, but they often are not viewable from off-campus because the link is not going through the library’s proxy server. Here is a sample link that WOULD NOT allow access from off campus:

You would have to add this proxy URL *in front* of the URL above in order to access from off campus:

The new URL would then look like this:

Users of Google Scholar can also configure their browser to easily access library subscription content from off-campus. You must first be logged in to your Miami email account and, after going to Google Scholar, click on “Settings” at the top of the page, then click “Library Links” on the left. Put a checkmark in the box for “Miami University Libraries – FindIt at MiamiOH” like in the screenshot below. You also have the option to have Scholar find items in Open WorldCat.

screenshot of Google Scholar settings Library Links

Google Scholar Settings for Library Links

In your Scholar search results you will then see a link “FindIt @MiamiOH” for any item that is available via library subscriptions, like in the example below:

Google Scholar screenshot with FindIt links available

Google Scholar search results with FindIt enabled



Policy on Use of Public Workstations

Overview:Miami University Libraries provide computers for patrons to access the multitude of electronic resources available both in the library and through the Internet. As with printed materials, the library endorses the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement of the American Library Association and, in doing so, does not practice censorship. No sites are blocked because of content or graphics, etc. The library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed and cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the information retrieved.

Guidelines: The primary purpose of public computers in the Libraries is to provide Miami students, faculty, and staff access to information that supports research, instruction and the dissemination of scholarship. Consequently, Miami-affiliated clients receive priority in the use of the Libraries’ public computers. Should all computers be in use, non-affiliated clients will be asked to relinquish their computer.

To protect the equipment, ensure effective and efficient functioning, and provide the appropriate level of access, the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • Computers should not be used to store information. All downloaded files and changes to existing files (bookmarks, favorites, etc) are deleted when a PC is restarted to protect the privacy of our clients. Miami students, faculty, and staff may save documents to their NetDisk space. In addition, end users may save files to portable storage devices such as a USB or CD-ROM drives on many machines.
  • Library workstations are not intended for non-course related usage of personal email, instant messaging, game playing, or other recreational uses.
  • Patrons viewing or listening to multimedia content from the Internet are asked to keep headphone volume at levels that do not interfere with other users.

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